Double Glazing

Effectiveness of low-e double glazingModern double glazed windows and doors offer significant benefits compared to conventional double glazing or even single glazing.

One of the biggest advantages of double glazed panels is the excellent thermal insulation. A low U-value improves both, summer and winter performance. The secret lies in the space between the two glass panes. Still air is one of the best thermal insulating materials. Although a wider gap is generally better, the thickness of the layer of air must be limited to prevent convection and this depends on the expected differences in temperature – big differences in temperature promote convection.

Through technical enhancement and optimization, the properties of modern double glazing were further improved and outperform conventional double glazing by far. By using low-e glass and changing the trapped air by inert gas, the energy conduction is reduced to less than 1/3 compared to the low quality double-glazing. Solar heat gains can be significantly limited and visible light transmittance can also be reduced if desired. The stronger panes largely protect from outside noise and provide better security against break-in…

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Replacement Windows

Replacement windows and doors refresh the look of a house but that is not all, by choosing highly efficient, modern doors and windows in exchange for common single glazing windows and doors, you increase the value of the house, get a comfortable living environment and can even save money.Bluish replacement window circled by arrows

Modern research findings and constantly improved products put uPVC replacement windows in the first place of quality, durability and easy handling. Vinyl doors and windows are inexpensive, virtually indestructible and easy to clean.

While seeking opportunities to keep costs low, replacing old doors and windows with quality double glazed windows can also minimize the environmental impact of renovated (and new) buildings by a tremendous increase of energy efficiency.

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Insulated Windows

Eco-friendly leafConstantly rising energy prices are one major reason why living in Western Australia is very expensive. Everybody would agree that energy-saving is awesome, not only because energy is expensive but also in view of environmental issues and to ensure a livable future. But usually that means cuts in living standard or enormous expenditures to buy modern technology.

However, that is not always the case. Highly energy-efficient doors and windows not only increase comfortable living but also save money. The contrast of thermal energy-saving of quality energy-saving windows compared to common single glazed windows or doors is so significant that the wrong choice of doors or windows can cost you hundreds of dollars of unnecessary energy costs each year. Insulated windows and doors not only reduce energy consumption for heating in winter but also reduce the energy used by air-conditioners in summer. In fact it is even possible to obtain a comfortable indoor climate without any energy consumption…

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French Doors

Patio door – French door – French window – sliding door, many names, but what is the different of these doors? The term sliding door is basically self explaining; a door that is pushed to one side to open or close it. Usually guided by a rail the weight rests often on wheels to reduce the sliding resistance. Unlike front doors a French door is a door that consists mainly of glass, like a big window and that is why it is also called French window. The main characteristic is actually the high content of glass similar to windows. French doors are usually hinged on one side and swing horizontally similar to casement windows.Tilt and turn door Handle A patio door can be anything – except a front door – a French door, sliding door or even a tilt and turn door.

Tilt and turn doors offer a secure multi-locking, dual opening function. In one grip you open the door, tilt it slightly for medium ventilation, while still ensuring a high level of security, or lock the door – all by simply turning the handle. The European style tilt and turn doors lock tight and come with quality double glazing, optimized thermal and sound insulation…

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House Windows

Windows shape the look and design of a house unlike almost any other element. At first glance types of windows seem to differ mainly by different materials. There are frames made of wood, aluminium, uPVC (plastic) and combinations thereof. Quite remarkable, considering new buildings, is the tremendous dominance of aluminium windows compared to wood or vinyl windows. Why, because they are the best quality windows?View through a house window

What actually defines best quality? Surely the durability but also aspects like easy usability and functionality. Without doubt, Perth aluminium windows are extreme long-lasting but still not free of maintenance. Often the user-friendliness could be better and even the powder coatings can fade after a few years and make the windows look unsightly. Used to it, it is hard to notice but the current Australian standard windows for houses have very little thermal or sound insulation and the level of security against break-in of a slightly opened window, to have gentle ventilation, can at least be called into question.

A real option to the Perth standard windows are European style windows made from uPVC (vinyl windows). They offer excellent sound and thermal insulation, best quality double glazing, a high level of security, user-friendliness and hard-wearing fittings and handles. Designed to withstand exposure to the extreme Perth sunlight, they are the guarantee for technically mature and proven window technology combined with versatility in material, design and application possibilities…

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