Double Windows

Double windowThere are two main reasons to install double glazed windows. Firstly, to keep the temperatures inside the house evenly; in other words, when it is hot or cool outside, the temperatures inside do not change much. Secondly, to reduce the noise from busy roads, airplanes or from the neighbours.

Important for the optimal performance of the double glazed window is a strong glass, a certain distance between the panes, which is filled with an inert gas, and a reflecting coating on the pane to reduce thermal radiation.

Modern double glazed windows reduce energy losses by round 80% compared to single glazed windows. The costs for quality double glazed windows are considerably higher than for cheap single glazed windows. However, the additional costs will be offset by energy savings after some years. And the increased living comfort is a free bonus.

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Insect Screens

Mosquito screen sampleEspecially in summer, in the evening or early morning hours, it is pleasant to get some fresh air in living rooms and bedrooms or even to sleep with an opened window without annoying insects.

Modern insect screen solutions are becoming increasingly popular. People who have already some experience with simple fly screens certainly appreciate the benefits of insect screening as such and may be surprised that there are quite a few different options and different fly screen systems.

The fly screen frames are available in virtually any colour and the insect mesh can be plastic-coated fibreglass or stainless steel. Popular types of insect screens are fixed insect screens, fly screen doors, sliding fly screens and retractable fly screens. All insect screen types can be manufactured to suit almost any door or window opening.

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House Window Types

House windows can be manufactured in a variety of construction types and styles to suit special requirements or to adapt the style of the house. Here are the basic window types:

Fixed Windows – cannot be opened but are usually a lot cheaper than other house windows. Some windows of a house get never or very rarely opened, at these locations, the use of fixed windows or doors can reduce the building costs.
Picture of a house window
Awning Windows – are hinged at the top and open outwards. Styles vary slightly, some wind out and some simply push open. In rain awning windows can provide ventilation without water entering the house. A common disadvantage of awning windows is however, that they usually cannot be opened fully.

Casement Windows – are hinged along the side and swing horizontally. Casement windows can open outwards or inwards, they are perfect for good ventilation and are usually easy to operate.

Double Hung Windows – persist basically of two window halves which move up or down within the frame. A double hung window has two sashes, an upper sash and a lower sash. Due to the style, double hung windows usually close less tightly.

Sliding Doors or Windows – open to the side. Some sliding windows actually slide on tracks. More heavy styles of sliding windows and doors are supported on wheels and rails at the top and the bottom tracks are only for guidance.

Tilt and Turn Windows and Doors – provide a dual opening function. They can be tilted slightly inwards to allow gentle ventilation even during rain while still providing security and can be opened horizontally like a casement window. A multi-locking system locks all four sides of the tilt and turn window easily in one grip.

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UPVC Window Frames

Aluminium, Timber or uPVC window frames?Timber frames are quite energy-efficient and have similar thermal insulation values as uPVC windows, the production requires less energy but they are subject to regular surface treatment and so the maintenance costs are considerably higher compared to vinyl and aluminum frames.

For aluminum frames, the production is very energy consuming and expensive, in return they seem to last forever. However, this might be true for the actual aluminum parts but modern aluminum frames are not made entirely of aluminum. Same as timber and uPVC windows, aluminium windows require rubber seals which wear out and do not seal a 100% anymore after several years.
Window frame of aluminium, timber and uPVC
Also, aluminum is an excellent conductor of energy and that’s the opposite of what you expect from a window or door. Thus, to achieve modern energy-saving values at all, they separate the outer and inner part of the aluminium frame by plastic (rubber seals, PVC and foam rubber). In fact, the basic functionality of aluminum windows lasts extremely long. However, properties like tightness and thermal insulation can diminish after several years just as it happens with uPVC and timber windows.

Vinyl windows are less expensive to manufacture, easily meet modern requirements such as energy saving, security and noise protection and have a long lifespan of at least 30 years.

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Cost Estimator

Door and Window Cost EstimatorThis cost estimator could be helpful if you are looking for windows and doors for sale and compare window prices or door prices in Perth and WA.

Doors and windows are as individual as houses themselves and just as different are the prices of doors and windows. Whether it is a window replacement or windows for a new building, even similar windows and doors can significantly differ in price depending on the choice of the supplier or manufacturer.

Once you made the decision to buy new windows or doors, chose the desired type and also know the door and window dimensions, then you still have no idea what the costs are, you are facing. With every purchase, the price is one of the most important aspects and yet often they tell you the final price in the end.

To inform about the cost of double glazed windows and doors as early and as transparent as possible, CannyLiving provides an online price calculator that estimates window prices and door prices instantly. All you need are the dimensions of the openings. The design of the windows and special features can be selected and changed easily, which then automatically updates the price.

By allowing the alteration of available options and features, this price estimator is a valuable tool in the task of optimizing the new windows and doors according to your budget.

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