House Window Types

House windows can be manufactured in a variety of construction types and styles to suit special requirements or to adapt the style of the house. Here are the basic window types:

Fixed Windows – cannot be opened but are usually a lot cheaper than other house windows. Some windows of a house get never or very rarely opened, at these locations, the use of fixed windows or doors can reduce the building costs.
Picture of a house window
Awning Windows – are hinged at the top and open outwards. Styles vary slightly, some wind out and some simply push open. In rain awning windows can provide ventilation without water entering the house. A common disadvantage of awning windows is however, that they usually cannot be opened fully.

Casement Windows – are hinged along the side and swing horizontally. Casement windows can open outwards or inwards, they are perfect for good ventilation and are usually easy to operate.

Double Hung Windows – persist basically of two window halves which move up or down within the frame. A double hung window has two sashes, an upper sash and a lower sash. Due to the style, double hung windows usually close less tightly.

Sliding Doors or Windows – open to the side. Some sliding windows actually slide on tracks. More heavy styles of sliding windows and doors are supported on wheels and rails at the top and the bottom tracks are only for guidance.

Tilt and Turn Windows and Doors – provide a dual opening function. They can be tilted slightly inwards to allow gentle ventilation even during rain while still providing security and can be opened horizontally like a casement window. A multi-locking system locks all four sides of the tilt and turn window easily in one grip.

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