UPVC Window Frames

Aluminium, Timber or uPVC window frames?Timber frames are quite energy-efficient and have similar thermal insulation values as uPVC windows, the production requires less energy but they are subject to regular surface treatment and so the maintenance costs are considerably higher compared to vinyl and aluminum frames.

For aluminum frames, the production is very energy consuming and expensive, in return they seem to last forever. However, this might be true for the actual aluminum parts but modern aluminum frames are not made entirely of aluminum. Same as timber and uPVC windows, aluminium windows require rubber seals which wear out and do not seal a 100% anymore after several years.
Window frame of aluminium, timber and uPVC
Also, aluminum is an excellent conductor of energy and that’s the opposite of what you expect from a window or door. Thus, to achieve modern energy-saving values at all, they separate the outer and inner part of the aluminium frame by plastic (rubber seals, PVC and foam rubber). In fact, the basic functionality of aluminum windows lasts extremely long. However, properties like tightness and thermal insulation can diminish after several years just as it happens with uPVC and timber windows.

Vinyl windows are less expensive to manufacture, easily meet modern requirements such as energy saving, security and noise protection and have a long lifespan of at least 30 years.

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