CannyLiving is a Perth based company that sells quality double glazed windows and doors in the metropolitan area. Main focus of CannyLiving is to offer quality products and services at a reasonable price. Thereby quality not only means longevity, it is also defined by user-friendliness, functionality, sustainability, aesthetics and security.

Hi, I am Herman, owner and manager of CannyLiving as well as a qualified engineer with substantial knowledge and experience of building materials and construction.

The world never stands still, life advances, economy changes and new inventions help us adapt to the altered environment. Although it is almost impossible to predict the future, obvious trends and possibly even shortages are noticeable. New products are often viewed as unnecessary but often new products bring new opportunities.

Sometimes it is not enough to go with the flow if you want to be a step ahead, so to me it was obvious to have a look over the horizon and start comparing products of other countries. Get informed about our products and take advantage of our knowledge and experience.
NOTE: None of our products is manufactured in a low-wage country like China.

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